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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

..::First Tyme::..

~tasha & thasya~
Hmm...tak lma lagi exam final sem1...
rase cepat jer masa berlalu..
teringat lagi first2 mendaftar dlu then orentasi yg memenatkan..huh! 
Final nie 6 paper should i take..even 6 paper but its ok la..
all subject its not to hard 4 me to understand that.
Firts paper Kenegaraan 25 nov,second calculus 26 nov,
next Agama Islam & Mandrin 29 nov,
after that nature conservation 2 dis n last but not least Statistic 3 dis.. 
Hope sgt2 semua nyer berjalan dengan lancar..
Thanks to all Hot chick chicken crew sbb banyak membantu dlm stdy nie..
Will mish u all cuti nnt.. =((
-A'an & Rahma~

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