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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vice versa!!!

Aduhai...mmg ak rase benda skang da terbalik dekat ak plak...
Makin ak nak lupa kan..makin ak syg sgt...
tyme duduk sorg2 mst nak teringat 
n feeling tu sgt x selesa bg ak...

ape ak nak bwat nie???

Please help me!!!! Im not strong enough to face it alone....
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... =(

Friday, October 21, 2011


First of all welcome back Sya!!! hahaha...
After da benti keje and start blajar nie..mmg xde mase nak update anything..
Now Im in my second year stdy..weehhee =)
hmm and what can I say..
Quite hard 4 me..yaa..b4 diz i still have a time fur enjoy2 instead 0f stdy
but this semester...every single second is more important than anything...

Bunyi mcm xckup mse giler kan?? hehe..
Quite thought la nak sesuaikan diri dngan timetable skarang n dgn condition duduk luar lgi..
Hopefully i can manage it well..

Ini pon mase2 curi jer dpt update my beloved blog..when i was spent tyme with my Grand Pa & Nanny..
Mjur jgak la my aunt's house ade wifi..hehe..

so nk tlg update my aunt's blog plak..
miss sgt2 nak tulis lg...
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